SENITE, fall in love with the purity of nature
SENITE is short for the French ‘SERENITE,’ meaning ‘clearness and serenity’. It is a natural brand that calms the exhausted mind as well as the skin through the use of various plant-based ingredients derived from the clean environment as main ingredients.
    The vitality of nature, which is recreated in a stable form by combining the abundant raw ingredients offered by Mother Nature from every corner of the world and Coreana's exclusive technical skills, helps resolve a range of skin problems.
    We provide total care for every moment of your life with a diverse and sensitive line of skin care as well as body and hair care products.
    A fragrance that refreshes the mood, relaxes the mind and reminds you of memories long forgotten … Mother Nature is filled with beautiful and mysterious fragrances. SENITE, which contains the subtle fragrances of nature, offers the serene healing you need to get through long days.