CUSTOMER SERVICECoreana Cosmetics always puts customers first,
pursing our goal to be a company that respects customer values.
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The Charter of Coreana CCM
  • 01
    We will share happiness in our society by developing luxury goods that bring joy to the lives of consumers and practicing beautiful services with sincerity.
  • 02
    We value the provision of services that think and act from the consumer's point of view, and we will cherish our relationship with consumers anytime, anywhere.
  • 03
    We will realize Consumer Centered Management(CCM) that prioritizes the convenience and satisfaction of true consumers by faithfully practicing advanced CCM.

In order to practice consumer-centered management, Coreana Cosmetics introduced the CCM(Consumer Centered Management), which is evaluated by the Korea Consumer Agency and certified by the Fair Trade Commission in March 2007, and acquired the certification in December 2008 for the first time in the cosmetics industry.
Coreana Cosmetics is committed to sharing happiness by strengthening product and service competitiveness through corporate’s social responsibility and ethical business conduct, prevention of consumer complaints and prompt post-processing.

What is CCM?
This system evaluates and certifies whether all activities carried out by a company are organized from the consumer's point of view, to be consumer-centered, and whether related business activities are continuously improved.
It embodies the process of understanding and trusting each other and becoming one as consumers and companies are tightly intertwined.
Orange is the emotional part of Consumer Centered Management that understands and satisfies each other.
Blue and Gray symbolize the rational part of CCM, such as mutual trust and prompt and precise processing.
Consumer Centered Management
The existing CCMS(Consumer Centered Management System) evaluation agency was transferred to the Korea Consumer Agency in 2011, and the name was changed to CCM on September 1st.