Skin care solution found in ampoule Discover your true skin with AMPLE:N
  • Dermo Ampoulism
    Ample:N was formulated based on the concept of dermo-ampoulism, in which various problems related to skin are taken care of through the use of ampoules. Also, through continuous research based on advanced life science, we are dedicated to freeing you from skin troubles quickly by formulating effective ingredients for the skin.
  • An achievement after 35 years of dermatological research
    Skin experts at Coreana Cosmetics Research Institute, which boasts a 35-year history, tirelessly commit themselves to solving skin problems based on their dedication to good skin health.
  • Prescription with patented ingredients, customized for each skin problem
    All products of Ample:N are the results of dermatological research, and prescribe carefully selected patented ingredients that are effective in addressing skin problems.
  • Low irritation test completed
    We are dedicated to reducing irritants and increasing the effectiveness of our products by developing the only products in our market that have passed Low irritation test. This means that even those who have highly sensitive skin can use them with confidence.
An ampoule-based derma cosmetic brand that provides intensive care for skin problems