INSLAB is a premium skincare brand that provides the right solution according to skin type and concerns by combining natural recipes and skin science technology for worn-out skin by the city.
  • InsLab Re'barrier 30Days Ampoule
    Wrinkle Improvement/Brightening Dual Functional Cosmetics [2ml x 30]
    The abundant nutrients of Jeju winter camellia flower extract give vitality to the skin, making your worn-out skin by the city center moist and elastic.
    * Main ingredients : Jeju winter camellia flower extract, Lactobacillus
  • InsLab Real Milky Drop 30Days Ampoule
    Wrinkle / Brightening Improvement Dual Functional Cosmetics [2mlx30]
    The concentrated clear milky ampoule provides healthy vitality and moisture to the skin, and the pearl extract, a premium natural recipe, makes your skin clearer and brighter than ever.
    * Main ingredients : Pearl extract, Peony extract
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