COMPANY INTRODUCTIONWe pursue new values of beauty with
30 years of technological innovations and knowhow.
  • Coreana Introduction

Culture Management

Coreana’s Art & Culture Complex, space * c
  • Beautiful corporation, Coreana
    space * c is an art & culture complex established by Coreana Cosmetics, and the ‘c’ contains various meanings such as Coreana, culture, and community.
    It shows the will of Coreana to lead the cultural management by meaning the philosophy of Coreana Cosmetics, such as ‘Beautiful Corporation, Coreana’, ‘Creating a new culture through harmony of traditional and modern culture’, and ‘Building a cultural community together’.
  • The Founder
    Yu Sang Ok
    CEO of Coreana Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
    Cultural manager, collector, writer 9th President of the National Museum of Korea Served as honorary president of the Association of Private Art Museums 2009 Awarded the Order of Cultural Merit
Coreana Cosmetics Museum The one and only cosmetic culture museum in Korea.
  • The history of traditional makeup culture through cosmetic containers and accessories
  • Career experience education introducing jobs in the cosmetic industry
  • Introduction of k-beauty culture leading the global cosmetics industry
  • Donation of cultural assets that lead corporate social contribution activities
Coreana Museum of Art An opened modern art museum where research, exhibition, and education are integrated.
  • Special exhibition dealing with major issues of contemporary art
  • Diverse programs to communicate with neighboring arts
  • Preparing a platform for research and practice of art discourse
  • Collection of modern and contemporary artists
Coreana’s Art & Culture Complex, space * c
  • Formation of Costume Culture Specialization Museum with Coreana Cosmetics Museum and Daegu National Museum
  • Coreana Cosmetics Museum consigned Exhibition of Collections at Cheongyang Agricultural Museum
  • Coreana Museum of Art was selected as excellent manpower on 〈2020 Private Art Museum Preliminary Curators Support Project〉
  • Coreana Museum of Art's *c-lab(Theme: Multidisciplinary Art) was selected in 〈2020 National Museum of Art Management Representative Cases〉
  • 《Korea: A Land of Hats》 exhibition held as part of the "Traveling Korean Arts" project hosted by the Coreana Cosmetics Museum and the Korea Institute for International Cultural Exchange. Received a commendation for the museum nonilgi project with 『Youth Mentor KB!』 hosted by the State University of New York, Stony Brook Campus, Coreana Cosmetics Museum, and the Korean Museum Association and supported by Kookmin Bank.
  • Director Yoo Seung-hee, won the 21st 'Proud Museum Person Award' in the senior category awarded by the Korea Museum Association.
  • Director Yoo Sang-ok held a donation ceremony for relics from his personal collection
  • Director Yoo Sang-ok donates 4,826 items from his personal collection to the Coreana Cosmetics Corporation
  • Coreana Cosmetics Museum's [Decoration, Delivering with Hats] exhibition was selected as a pool of Visual Arts Program by Traveling Korean Arts
  • Opened Yoo Sang-ok Donation Room in the Baekje History and Culture Experience Museum
  • Director Yoo Sang-ok donated 209 pieces of Baekje pottery and other relics to the Baekje History and Culture Experience Museum in Cheongyang-gun Office
  • Director Yoo Sang-ok donates 29 relics to the Agricultural Museum in Sanggap-ri, Cheongyang-gun
  • Invitational exhibition in Osaka and Tokyo to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Korean Cultural Center in Japan《Korean Makeup Culture》, Korean Cultural Center in Japan
  • Deputy Director Yoo Seung-hee inaugurated as director of the Coreana Art Museum and the Coreana Cosmetics Museum (Co-director Yoo Sang-ok and Yoo Seung-hee)
  • Coreana Museum of Art selected 《Performing Film (1st place)》 and 《Tell Me Herstory (4th place)》 in '2013 Top 10 Exhibitions of the Year in the Special Exhibitions category' selected by Art in Culture and 36 art experts
  • Invited exhibition in London to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Korean Cultural Center in England 《Inspired by Nature, The Traditional Cosmetics of Korea》, Korean Cultural Center, UK
  • Opened a permanent exhibition of relics donated by Yoo Sang-ok in the donor room of the National Museum of Korea
  • Director Yoo Sang-ok received the Okgwan Order of Cultural Merit
  • Director Yoo Sang-ok donates 200 cosmetic container relics to the National Museum of Korea
  • Invited exhibition in Beijing to commemorate the 9th China Textile Design Competition and International Conference 《韩国的化粧文化》, Tsinghua University in China
  • Selected as the 1st beautiful building in Gangnam-gu
  • Deputy Director Yoo Seung-hee received a commendation from the Minister of Culture and Tourism
  • Coreana Museum of Art 《Image Theater》 Exhibition was awarded with Art of the Year from Korea Culture and Arts Committee
  • Invitational exhibition to commemorate the 120th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and France 《Parures, fards et onguents dans la Corée ancienne, Korean makeup culture》, Korean Cultural Center in France
  • Registration of Coreana Museum of Art(Seoul City, No. 13)
  • Registration of Coreana Cosmetics Museum(Seoul City, No. 6)
  • Opened space * c (11.20.)
  • Established Coreana Cosmetics Co., Ltd.